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  Every piece of marble has a statue in it waiting to be released by a man of sufficient skill to chip away the unnecessary parts. Just as the sculptor is to the marble, so is education to the soul. Only educated men are free men. You cannot create a statue by smashing the marble with a hammer, and you cannot, by force of arms, release the spirit or soul of man." Confucius  

Fabric of life is woven with the warp and woof of joy and sorrow. It is a field of battle and not a bed of roses. It is a fight from start to finish - a struggle for survival from the womb to the tomb. Man is destined to a life of contradictory forces - love and hatred, pain and pleasure and living and dying. Struggle is a constant element in human life every one of us wants to succeed in life.
Today unfortunately we are in the fatal grip of materialism, we are haunted by desires. When we find ourselves at an arm's length from our goal, we feel tormented by fits of melancholy and despair and writhe in agony. We grope in darkness and in pursuit of peace and happiness make innumerable fitful attempts but all of no avail. Our success depends more on our attitude than our aptitude. The dictum of the Gita "Perform your duty and leave the rest to God." emphasizes this fact. We find fulfillment in the performance of our duties whereas attachment to results may lead us to dejection. Success is not a matter of luck or genius. It rests on adequate preparation and indomitable determination. There is always a battle to be fought before the victory is won. Great achievement requires long, tortuous and bitter experiences. Our aspiration may be fame but the path is steep and high. Perseverance, industry and sacrifice may bring us everything we want. Our future is not pre-ordained. We can ordain it. We are at once the marble and the sculptor . We should not drift farther away from the Creator. We should have faith in God and we should take inspiration from our classics as their teachings have a great impression on our mind. They teach us to be disciplined and motivate us to take interest in our work. Thus, we will be able to make a good exercise of talents and abilities for the sake of good and we shall always remain successful.  
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